“Governance Insight has provided us with strategic and financial advisory services over the past two years. With the help of Jeff Simpson and his strategic insights and financial and negotiation skills we have quickly grown our company to be one of the leading companies in the civil construction sector in Australia. The strategic and collaborative approach which Jeff has helped us apply across the company is making our key customers and other stakeholders work with us in a similar vein so we all achieve a much better outcome.”  - CEO and Owner specialised civil construction company

 “Governance Insight was recommended to me by our chartered accountants as a lower cost resource to help the business through a change significant process. In this capacity Jeff Simpson has helped deliver immense value to the business as a key member of a team which has achieved a successful acquisition and merger with a major competitor and delivered a framework of good practice processes to take the company through its next significant stage of growth. Jeff’s strategic thinking, knowledge of good practices, wide connections and collaborative and financial skills make him an ideal ally for any business owner.” - Director Major primary construction company

"By the way I do not think I really expressed my gratitude for everything you have done for me. You have far exceeded any expectations I ever had for a manager. When you say I have been spoilt indeed I have. I have been lucky enough to work with a person of great integrity and brilliance. It was a privilege to watch the wheels turning. You allowed me an insight into your mind and your wisdom which has given me something that you can’t buy, but can only learn – knowledge and understanding. Your dedication and persistence in my education is a gift that has allowed me to achieve more than I thought possible. Now I know anything is possible. What more can I say but that I am eternally grateful and will try my best to make the most of everything I’ve learned and continue to go on learning as you have taught me how to learn." - Staff member – major global financial organisation