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Delivery and maintenance of infrastructure is the lifeblood of the economy. Without it there would be no platform for the innovation revolution in technology, renewable and bio-sciences. The asset owners and principal contractors owning, building and maintaining the infrastructure are only able to do so with the support of a huge network of small to medium sized subcontractors.

In particular, it is in this subcontractor space where Governance Insight is able to help those businesses achieve sustainable profits, increased value of the business and to build a future we all look forward to.

Armed with the experience of living the “game” with business owners through enormous challenges and coming out on top Governance Insight is very well placed to alleviate your pain points and add value to your business. We will help you realise the opportunities that abound from what has already been built within your infrastructure sector business.

The journey with Governance Insight will be collaborative with connections, systems, resources and knowledge shared across your team so that the business’s capabilities and value is increased.

Governance Insight is well across the pains your business may be facing and will work with you to address those which hurt most and make improvements to your business where most value can be added. We will work with you to look at the pain and value across key areas of your business including strategy, business development, people, estimating, financial, productivity, compliance and administration and assist the business put in place a suite of actions which will help build a future we all look forward to.

Many professional providers in this space will be in it for the money – GI will be there for the owner under an arrangement which is fair, equitable and affordable. In other words, it will not cost the owner arm or a leg to have GI on their side through the journey.

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