Internal Audit

GI is a strong believer that Internal Audit needs to move to the next level to ensure that it is relevant and adds real value to an organisation. 

GI takes Internal Audit from the traditional to the leading approach:

Continuing with the traditional approach can leave organisations in the position of:

  • Wondering where the value is in internal audit – we are going to spend that much $X,000 plus for what benefit?
  • Confinement of the process within Finance – no one else understands what it is about or the value from the process.
  • A poorly connected and disengaged Audit team.
  • Misalignment of the Internal Audit, External Audit, Audit Committee and corporate objectives – duplicated assurance and improvement processes causing inefficiency and confusion.
  • Poor knowledge and skill transfer leaving the organisation with an additional cost (dollars, time and quality) – especially in times of change in Internal Audit provider or management personnel.
  • Key governance processes operating below ‘good practice’ level.
  • Wondering why Governance is not working.

The value of the Internal Audit process in any organisation is not just about providing independent assurance on planned audited areas and other compliance requirements. It is about being:

  • An integral part of the strengthening of the governance framework of the organisation.
  • An encourager of leadership and innovation to help drive continuous improvement.
  • Connected with stakeholders beyond the financial area to provide more informed and relevant advice.
  • A user of new technologies as an enabler for sustainable productivity improvements within the organisation.
  • Proactive in sharing knowledge and access to resources.
  • Aware of the current and emerging risks to and opportunities for the organisation and proactively contributing independent guidance on them.

Our Internal Audit services include:

  • Fully outsourced internal audit function
  • Undertaking specific internal audits to support in-house internal audit function
  • Strategic internal audit plan development related to organisational risks
  • Process and assurance mapping
  • Internal auditor training
  • Internal auditor mentoring
  • Internal audit Quality Assessment Reviews
  • Internal audit manual development
  • Internal audit and audit committee charter reviews
  • Audit committee performance evaluation
  • Audit committee training
  • Internal audit technology selection and implementation

GI can collaboratively work with your organisation to help identify those areas where most value can be achieved through a better understanding of your internal audit needs. We are more than happy to have a no obligation discussion on a collaborative way forward.

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