Effective Governance = Corporate Success

Organisations that are governed well consistently outperform their competitors.

At its most basic level, your governance structure will determine who makes decisions within your organisation, who has power and how other members of your team are heard. But good governance at a corporate level is much more complex, and includes ensuring that all high-level processes and behaviours are achieving their intended purpose, all the while conforming to all relevant laws, codes and directions. Not to mention meeting all shareholder and stakeholder expectations of probity, accountability and transparency.

Good corporate governance promotes confidence in an organisation, but effective governance needs to be dynamic, it is not something that can be ‘topped up’ at the end of the year, or only done from time to time. The better governed your organisation is, the better it will perform, and the more satisfied all parties will be.

Why You Need a Well Governed Company

A company with effective governance will encounter customers who are more willing to explore new opportunities. Increased confidence in the company means customers are happy to pay a premium for products or services offered.

Additionally, sound governance allows you to more effectively identify and address emerging risks and opportunities which is paramount to service delivery, as well as the efficient and profitable use of funds.

How GI Can Support and Improve Your Corporate Governance

Thanks to extensive experience implementing governance principles, and comprehensive use of the Governance Lighthouse model, we are extremely well placed to assist you with the implementation of good governance practices within your organisation. We will work closely with key personnel within your organisation to identify gaps in approach, deployment, results and improvement across each of the 17 key elements of good corporate governance. Once we have identified any gaps you will be well placed to address issues in governance before they become damaging to your organisation. 

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