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In this modern world innovation comes in many forms from completely new ideas through to transformation of an existing product or service. Successful implementation of the idea will however be dependent on the availability of the right funding, strategy, organisational capability and an appropriate framework in which to deliver the idea. It’s just not about having that fancy new App!

Often all of these five key ingredients will not be present in the idea owner’s organisation, even in long established businesses. Challenges for the idea owner will often include:

* Time to develop the idea while needing to keep the existing core business ticking over

* Insufficient funding

* Anxiety about having someone else being an “owner” in the business or the idea

* Trust issues around new stakeholders, advisers and other “experts”

* Connections and network to get it to the next level

* Understanding the full potential or risk of the opportunity

* Capability at a broader strategic level both short term and long term

* Additional expertise to fully develop the idea

* An appropriate corporate and ownership structure to take the idea forward

* Existing systems and processes (including enabling technology) needing to move to another level to cater for the consequent growth or change in delivery methods

* Maintaining a life balance as the idea takes hold both from a business and personal perspective

Business owners with an idea or the desire to strategically find that idea can overcome many of these challenges by partnering with Governance Insight on their innovation journey. By having Governance Insight with you at or near to the beginning of the idea will enable the idea owner to optimise the benefits and reduce the risks.

Governance Insight can help with ensuring that the idea owner is comfortable with the direction in which they are heading and that any “deals” are done in a fair and equitable manner for all stakeholders.

Many professional providers in this space will be in it for the money – GI will be there for the owner under an arrangement which is fair, equitable and affordable. In other words, it will not cost the owner arm or a leg to have GI on their side through the journey.

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