Financial Management

GI has extensive experience in senior financial management roles in multinationals through to medium and small businesses across a range of sectors. 

Effective and value adding financial management of any organisation requires those charged with financial management responsibilities to properly understand the business. 

This requires the accountants going beyond the traditional financial boundaries into operational areas such as business development, pricing, project management, quality, safety and stakeholder relationship management. It also requires collaboration from the CEO and other senior executives and managers to facilitate the significant added value which can be achieved from this wider business understanding and involvement being achieved and utilised by the organisation.

GI provides financial management advice and services covering key areas including:

  • Developing financial budgets using a three way budget model (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow)
  • Negotiating funding arrangements with investors, banks or other financiers for working capital or special funding for equipment purchases, special projects or business growth initiatives
  • Development of business cases for internal and or external stakeholder to support key financial and operational proposals
  • Presentation of financial information to support a tender or other customer financial assessment requirements
  • Mentoring of existing financial management resources to add greater value to the business
  • Negotiation of the settlement of a specific debt (payable or receivable)
  • Bringing accounting records up to date and into a state where useful information can be provided
  • Preparation of financial statements and supporting workpapers to reduce the cost of external audits or independently prepared special purpose reports
  • Income tax planning
  • Financial management system upgrade and implementation
  • Fulfilling a Chief Financial Officer role with on-line/on-site as required basis

GI can collaboratively work with your organisation to help identify those areas where most value can be achieved through a better understanding of your financial management systems and process and capabilities. We are more than happy to have a no obligation discussion on a collaborative way forward.

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