Enterprise Opportunity and Risk Management

GI is a strong believer in applying the key principles of enterprise risk management (ERM) as set out in ISO 31000 Enterprise Risk Management. 

GI also takes the view that risk management is not only about the negative - it is also about the positive. Accordingly GI proactively seeks to identify and assess opportunities when undertaking any risk management activity within an organisation.

Opportunity and risk management practices need to be effectively applied at all levels across an organisation covering corporate, operational and project exposures. GI is very well placed to advise on or assist with the implementation of good practice enterprise risk and opportunity management across your organisation. One example of the way in which GI can assist with this process is to apply the ERM Maturity Analysis model to your organisation to assess gaps in regards to approach, deployment, results and improvement across 8 key elements of good practice ERM.

GI also provides opportunity and risk management advice and services covering other key areas including:

  • ERM framework development and action plan to implement
  • ERM review – assisted self-assessment or independent review
  •  Review of existing risk information considering adequacy of coverage and actions to mitigate
  • Review of opportunity management practices
  • Identification and assessment of emerging risks and emerging opportunities ERM training at a corporate, operational unit or project level
  • ERM training for directors and Audit and Risk Committee members
  • Risk assessments to inform Strategic Internal Audit Plan development
  • Specific risk assessments eg major or special project, new delivery channel, fraud and corruption Event or incident investigation to establish root cause and enduring solutions
  • ERM system selection and implementation
  • Business continuity
  • Workplace Health and Safety, Environment and Quality management systems

GI also has ready access to cloud-based resources to enable the capture and presentation of key risks and opportunities across your organisation. GI can collaboratively work with your organisation to help identify those areas where most value can be achieved through a better understanding of your opportunity and risk management practices at an enterprise, operational or project level. We are more than happy to have a no obligation discussion on a collaborative way forward.

To access a selection of GI’s enterprise risk management and opportunity resources including the ERM Maturity Analysis model click here.

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