Audit Technology

GI utilises the cloud based ACL Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) audit and review management tool to facilitate greater efficiency, effectiveness and organisation of the entire audit process. 

From the initial planning phase to engagement and results reporting ACL GRC is a platform which will provide savings to clients being able to:

  • Facilitate an organised and productive workflow from risk assessment into electronic workpapers
  • Efficiently manage the audit process through automatically integrated data to facilitate tracking of tasks, issues, findings and recommendations
  • Share the process with clients by enabling secured on-line access during an audit
  • Mobile access to the system by iPhone and iPad

GI has worked collaboratively with the Satori Group, the Australian distributor of ACL GRC, developing audit templates across a range of key operational activities. The benefits of this effort is able to be passed on to GI clients.

GI also has access to TopCAAT which is a specialised Excel based data analysis tool which facilitates review of larger data populations. Examples of where this benefit can be applied are in review of payables and payroll data for common issues such as duplicate payments, outlier transactions, excessive overtime, incorrect rates of pay etc.

GI can collaboratively work with your organisation to help identify those areas where most value can be achieved through use of audit related technology. We are more than happy to have a no obligation discussion on a collaborative way forward.

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