Providing a Complete Network of Professional Support

At Governance Insight we operate under a philosophy of proactive sharing and mutual collaboration for the benefit of everyone in our network. One significant outcome of this philosophy has been our development of a Professional Business Partners (PBP) alliance. This alliance provides all of our clients with access to a comprehensive range of independent professional providers who can offer unique insights, expert advice and professional business services.

The PBP alliance is an informal network of experienced professionals who have common objectives similar to those of GI as espoused in the below diagram

"The most important of these is to build a future we all look forward to as it is through thinking in this space that so many more opportunities open up for all stakeholders." 
- Jeff Simpson@GovIn21st

Independent professions who are seeking to work with other like-minded professionals are most welcome to contact Jeff to discuss opportunities for collaboration.

GI Ethical Assistance

Key Advocate for Ethical Business Practices

Jeff is also a staunch advocate for ethical business practices and has personally - and publicly - lead the fight against unethical business practices within the insurance and government sectors.

Thanks to his commitment to ethical business, Governance Insight is able to provide extensive training for any organisation wishing to strengthen their ethical framework including:

  • Whistleblowing policies
  • Whistleblowing systems
  • Ethical training
  • Support for staff who have made disclosures

Jeff has a unique understanding of business ethics and is personally willing to make available on a confidential basis a range of ethical assistance resources to help any individual faced with an ethical dilemma. Whether you’re deciding to come forward or not, providing evidence to an Inquiry, dealing with lawyers, investigating matters, or supporting someone else through the whistleblowing process, Jeff is committed to taking the time to assist you on a confidential basis through the process.