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Jeff Simpson


0477 471 356

About Jeff Simpson - Founder & Director of Governance Insight

“Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter” - Martin Luther King

 Founder and Director, Jeff Simpson is a strategic, financial, operational and assurance services professional who has been at the coalface of many significant improvements and events in both the private and public sector throughout his illustrious career.

Effective Long-Term Business Solutions

Jeff is held in the highest regard by his fellow professionals and is much sought-after by organisations seeking his collaboration on their journey to achieving significantly higher value from operational activities as well as greater confidence in achieving their longer term strategic objectives. He is inspirational in helping businesses build together a future we all aspire to.

Jeff’s depth of understanding in relation to strategic, broader business, governance and financial management issues ensures effective and enduring solutions for organisations and their key stakeholders.

Key Advocate for Ethical Business Practices

Jeff is also a staunch advocate for ethical business practices and has personally - and publicly - lead the fight against unethical business practices within the insurance and government sectors.

He is committed to taking the time to assist individuals on a confidential basis through any ethical dilemma they may face.

A Team of Professional Experts

Jeff has access to a team of leading independent experts through the Professional Business Partners alliance and can facilitate their engagement on an as-needs basis for any area of business you may require advice or expertise on.

If you would like to discuss any business or an ethical matter or any other business issue with Jeff you can contact him in confidence on 0477 471 356 or email

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