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Governance Insight has extensive experience helping organisations add value by developing effective strategies for sustainable business growth.

Governance Insight achieves these outcomes by focusing on 3 distinct areas of business management:

Business Strategy

A key requisite for the success of any organisation is to have in place a business strategy which is understood by all key stakeholders and is accompanied by a realistic action plan to implement. The words around the strategy and action plan can fit onto one page. However what is important is the framework and thinking behind that strategy and the management of the actions to implement the strategy.

The business strategy framework which has been developed by GI can be readily adapted to your organisation taking account of the maturity of the organisation and resources it realistically has in place to undertake the process.   

The benefits of an effective strategic business plan include:

  • Belief in the organisation by key stakeholders including owners, staff, customers, financiers and suppliers 
  • Increased opportunities for cash positive and profitable business growth
  • The business is more attractive to financial backers, investors and  existing and potential customers and staff
  • Resource capability is strengthened (staff, plant and equipment, data)
  • Innovative ideas are nurtured and more often bear fruit
  • Strengthened negotiation position in legal or other matters of importance
  • Spend is strategic rather than reactive or unplanned
  • The organisation is seen as a well governed
  • The organisation makes better decisions
  • Good practice around governance, safety, quality, environment and people is better achieved

GI can collaboratively work with your organisation to help take your business strategy to its next level of maturity. We are more than happy to have a no obligation discussion on a collaborative way forward

Business Improvement

We can assist you to develop effective business improvement programs including supporting the improvement of:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Pricing & costing
  • Project management
  • Supplier management
  • Supplier procurement
  • Contract management
  • Technology selection
  • Technology implementation
  • Workforce capability build
  • Asset management
  • Data harnessing
  • Data analysis & communication
  • Routine process improvement
  • Cloud computing
  • Social media development
  • Culture
  • Governance

The team at Governance Insight will work closely with your organisation to identify which improvement programs will add the most value to your business.

To access a selection of Governance Insight’s business improvement resources click here.

Business Development

We can assist you to implement innovative solutions for business development including the development of:

  • Successful use of CRM technology
  • Development of organic growth strategies
  • Capturing and harnessing data about existing and potential customers
  • Educating sales staff on ‘big picture’ thinking
  • Creating a culture of ‘customer understanding’
  • Building a network of advocates for your business
  • Developing capability statements and other marketing materials
  • Research, evaluation and development of new products
  • Market & competitor research
  • Identification and assessment of merger and acquisition opportunities
  • Pricing strategies
  • Marketing strategy development and implementation
  • Talent assessment and recruitment

The team at Governance Insight will work closely with you to assess which of our business development initiatives will add the most value to your organisation.

To access a selection of GI’s business development resources click here.

Our Team

“Our lives begin to end the day we remain silent about things that matter” - Martin Luther King

Founder and Director, Jeff Simpson is a strategic, financial, operational and assurance services professional who ha...

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